Project Structure

    T1.1 Realisation of a baseline study for History and Archaeology Education field in Tunisia

    T1.2 Realisation of guidelines for Master’s Teaching Units design

    T1.3 General definition of relevant contents

    T1.4 Assessment of administrative procedures

    T2.1 Realisation of teaching material

    T2.2 E-learning platform testing and configuration

    T2.3 Delivery of Master Teaching Units

    T2.4 Support to accreditation process

    T3.1 Definition of quality procedures and methods

    T3.2 Internal monitoring of project activities

    T3.3 External monitoring of project activities

    T4.1 Website realisation and maintenance

    T4.2 Dissemination materials

    T4.3 Organisation of info days and final event

    T4.4 Contribution to the exploitation process and sustainability

    T5.1 Day-by-day management

    T5.2 Management meetings

    T5.3 Financial and technical reporting

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